The latest chassis to be introduced to the Formula 2 Championship has been officially unveiled at Monza and will make use of the halo safety measure, designed to protect the driver’s head.

The Dallara F2/18 succeeds the Dallara GP2/11, which has been in action since 2011 when the series ran under its GP2 guise.

The Halo, which will be also be incorporated into Formula 1 from 2018 onwards, is the result of months of research into how best to protect the driver in the event of flying debris and/or wheels.

Sam Bloxham/FIA Formula 2

As well as the Halo, the new design brings the series in line with recent modifications to the Formula 1 regulations, which includes changes to the height of the nose cones and the width of the rear wing. A number of parts from its predecessor, including the suspensions and brakes, will remain in an attempt to reduce the costs of the new chassis’.

The car will be powered by a V6 turbo and is set to be used for the next three seasons as part of its regular cycle of machinery.

Current championship leader Charles Leclerc was present at the unveiling and hopes he will never have to drive the car as he looks towards a Formula 1 seat for next season.