With the drivers enjoying a well-deserved mid-season break from race duties, it offers them a chance to reflect on the season so far and what they need to do when they return to the track at the end of the month.

For one man in-particular, he will be spending his break figuring out a strategy to claim his fourth Formula 1 title.

Sitting 14 points behind Sebastian Vettel in the Driver’s Championship race, Lewis Hamilton knows he has his work cut out for him if he is to catch the German – and the hard work starts in Belgium later this month.

Hamilton, as you would expect, has been a perennial headline maker throughout the season but will need to be at his best if he is to claw back the gap.

We know Hamilton is capable of majestic drives and starting in Belgium, he needs a win to reassert himself as a title-winner, and you can check out these F1 betting odds if you think he can win at the end of the month.

Still one of the best drivers of the season so far, the Englishman needs to put his issues aside and focus on the task at hand, and that’s winning his fourth world title – and it starts in Belgium.