Campos Racing’s Ralph Boschung enjoyed his first taste of Formula 2 machinery at the first collective test of 2017 in Barcelona.

Speaking exclusively to Read Motorsport, the Swiss driver expressed his emotions following his first F2 test.

“It’s been nearly 7 months since I’ve driven a race car, jumping into an F2 car was just amazing,” he said. “The car is unbelievable quick and much more than I expected.

“It has incredible efficiency on brakes which is also something I underestimated.”

Boschung tested alongside ex-Formula 1 driver Roberto Merhi and spoke about the Spaniard’s impact.

“I knew Roberto only the day before the test, but he’s a great guy and helped me out with a few tips before going in a ‘big’ car,” he added.

“After day one already we shared some valuable information for the team to help further develop the car. He definitely was a help.

Alastair Staley/FIA Formula 2

“Looking ahead to Bahrain, there are still many points to work on, we have agreed with the engineers to do everything step by step and not focus too much on raw performance at first.

“We will go through our plan and fill out the gaps missed from Barcelona and see where it drives us to.”

When asked about his targets for 2017 and for his debut GP2 weekend in Bahrain, Boschung said “My targets are to learn as much and as quick as possible and being able to adapt to what comes towards me at the race weekend.

“I think, I am still behind many drivers experience wise, even the rookies, so I do not give myself any pressure and take it step by step.”

Formula 2 is set to overhaul its regulations for 2018, but it’s not a major concern of Boschung’s at the moment.

“Regarding 2018, I don’t really have time to think about that yet, but I think it would be nice to see a car that is as reliable and performing as the previous F2 era.

“Obviously it’s always nice to see increased technology but not too much as it would destroy the junior ladders.”

Boschung and the rest of the Formula 2 field are set to reconvene in Bahrain on March 29 for another three-day test before the first race of the season on April 15.