Formula 1 drivers were “taken to the limit” by the off-track elements at the Las Vegas Grand Prix and a “challenging” timetable, according to McLaren boss Andrea Stella.

The first F1 race in Vegas for over four decades proved a unanimous success with an action-packed event, but did expose issues with the weekend schedule.

Qualifying took place at midnight, while the race started at 10pm to accommodate for European audiences, leaving F1 personnel physically and mentally exhausted.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called for changes to made to Vegas’ “brutal” schedule for next year’s event to ensure team members are not overworked.

The showbiz element also came under fire, particular from world champion Max Verstappen, and Stella felt the amount of work drivers were asked to do over the weekend was a “stretch”.

“I think the timetable is very challenging. It’s very challenging for the staff, and it’s very challenging for everyone, so ideally this is also a matter that can be reviewed,” Stella said, as quoted by

“And, what I could say [also] is that it was a stretch, it was taken to the limit, in terms of the spectacle, in terms of the entertainment and the show.

“I think it’s good to some extent because I’m sure it was enjoyed. But we just have to ask ourselves whether that’s just going a little too far.

“Certainly the point of involving drivers we support 100% because the drivers are the engine of the popularity of the sport and the success of the sport. But at the same time, what I could see is that for the drivers as well, it’s been a very busy weekend.

“So we need to see if this is the right trade-off between keeping drivers focused on the fact that they have to go racing, and also supporting the show. So definitely there are a few points that deserve consideration.”

But while Stella felt these aspects needed to be analysed, he was clear the circuit itself was a major success as it invited good racing.

“The track layout is such that certainly favours good racing,” he said. “I would expect that we didn’t have good racing only because the tyres were behaving in a particular way. I think it is the track layout that has helped.

“But the tarmac, if we want to race at night, it’s just too slippery. We had crashes. We had a pretty busy corner one after the start, so we could have a situation like Australia. So we should prevent having this problem. We shouldn’t wait for them to happen.”