Daniel Ricciardo reveled in his victory at the Monaco Grand Prix but was forced to overcome an engine related issue after confessing to finishing the race with just six of his eight gears.

The Australian led away from his second career pole position and was controlling the gap to second-placed Sebastian Vettel early on when he reported a loss of power from the Renault engine on Lap 18.

The drop in horsepower meant Ricciardo was unable to pull away from Vettel, with the German harassing the Red Bull driver for nearly 50 laps but could not find a way through.

Ricciardo drove around the issue to seal his first win in Monaco, two years after losing the race through a bodged pitstop. He revealed after the race he had been forced to manage with just six gears.

“This was two years in the making,” said Ricciardo. “ I finally feel the redemption has arrived.

“We had problems we had a lot to deal with during the race. Before halfway I felt a loss of power and thought the race was done.

“We got home just using six gears, and thanks to the team we got it back.”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believed the problem cost Ricciardo 25% of power from the engine’s capacity but hailed his driver’s victory as a comparison to Michael Schumacher’s drive at the 1994 Spanish Grand Prix – when the seven-time world champion finished second stuck in fifth gear.

“That is right up there with what Schumacher did,” said Horner. “This is payback for 2016.”

Ricciardo’s second victory of the season elevates him up to third position in the drivers’ standings, 38 points off championship leader Lewis Hamilton.