It’s IndyCar prediction time. Our motorsport panel got together to share their views on the upcoming season. The panel was asked their opinion on potential winners for the series’ different disciplines and thoughts on the end-of-year accolades for rookies and the race other than the Indianapolis 500, that they were most excited about.

I hope you enjoy this look inside the minds of our motorsport crew for the 2018 IndyCar season.

Panel for 2018:

– Kevin Nguyen, Read Motorsport IndyCar Editor

– Josh Suttill, Read Motorsport Editor-in-Chief

– Kyran Gibbons, Read Motorsport Formula 1 and F2 Editor

– Gerald Clarett, Read Motorsport IndyCar writer

– Daniel Brennan, Read Motorsport IndyCar writer

– Elliot Wood, Read Motorsport IndyCar contributor

– Topher Smith, Read Motorsport IndyCar contributor