As the first weekend of winter hibernation has passed for people involved in running the show in GP3, it seems to be an apt time to celebrate some of the achievements from the season just gone.

Mercedes Formula 1 protege George Russell became the eighth series champion at the seventh round at Jerez, while his French outfit ART clinched the teams’ championship for a record seventh occasion one event earlier at Monza.

Russell finished the contest 79 points clear of Renault academy runner-up Jack Aitken and 86 above Honda-backed Nirei Fukuzumi.

ART had a 305-point margin above runners-up Trident when the year came to a close with the sprint event at Abu Dhabi.

Underneath these headline facts and figures, racers and teams in GP3 accrued many more pieces of interesting mathematics from this campaign.

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Photos: GP3 Series Media Service (Slides 1-2, 4, 6, 10, 11 – Zak Mauger; 3 – Alastair Staley; 5, 7 – Sam Bloxham; 8 – Malcolm Griffiths; 9 – Andrew Ferraro)

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