Ferrari academy driver Giuliano Alesi has been demoted one place in the final classification after an incident with Alessio Lorandi in GP3’s feature race at Jerez.

Alesi finished eighth on track after passing Lorandi around the inside approaching the right-handed Turn 6 corner on the 23rd and final lap of the event, with his front left tyre touching the right rear of his rival’s Jenzer car.

The Trident driver completed the contest 18s behind race winner Nirei Fukuzumi and 1.3s above the Italian.

As a result, stewards have dropped him to ninth in the order, taking away his pole position for tomorrow’s sprint event, promoting Lorandi to eighth.

He will now start from the front of the grid ahead of Dorian Boccolacci and Niko Kari, while Alesi begins in ninth behind Fukuzumi.

It will be the first time that Lorandi starts from the front of a GP3 race since making his debut in Malaysia last year.