Cal Crutchlow has described Aprilia’s treatment of Sam Lowes as “out of order” after Lowes was booted out of the team for next season.

Crutchlow has recently become good friends with the former World Supersport champion and was very vocal in his criticism of Aprilia.

Lowes’ did have a two-year contract with the Italian factory, meaning he was set to ride for the team in 2018. However, Aprilia have decided to cut that contract short, meaning, as it stands, Lowes is without a ride for next season.

“I think it’s a disgrace, at the end of the day, there’s no other way to put it. What did they expect him to do in his first year in MotoGP on a package that’s not, like, a Yamaha?” said Crutchlow after Friday practice.

David Ramos/Getty Images Sport

“Give him time, and he’s going to go a lot better next year. It’s his first time at most of the tracks on a MotoGP bike, and if I look at my first year on a MotoGP bike compared to that, mine was probably even worse.

“We know that they’ve treated him like crap, we know that the bike hasn’t started in most of the sessions, the crew chief is not very good… There’s probably a hundred reasons why, and then all they’ve done is demoralise him more and more and more every time.

Although he is disappointed of the treatment of his friend, Crutchlow also acknowledged that Lowes getting out of Aprilia will probably be good for his career.

“Obviously I’m disappointed for him, but in a way, I’m also pleased for him that he’s got himself out of the sh*t. That he doesn’t have to think every weekend that he has to prove himself, that he has to do this or do that, or there’s someone in his ear putting pressure on, or someone not even in his ear because they’ve just left him for the past races.”

Crutchlow ended Friday in seventh place, with Lowes finishing down in 18th.