Copenhagen can now be added to the long list of prospective cities looking to host a Formula 1 race, with plans being outlined last week.

Holding an ambition to host a race in 2020, a plan was presented to F1 chief executive Chase Carey last Monday. It would be a street track around the centre of Copenhagen designed by favoured architect Hermann Tilke, with money coming from a public-private partnership.

Currently headed by Danish businessman Lars Seier Christensen, he met with Carey in London last week to discuss their plans for a race.

Talking to the Danish publication BT, Christensen said: “If we are to conduct such an event in Denmark, cooperation between public and private investors is necessary. But before I get started, it was important that we have political will and support from Liberty Media, which owns the commercial rights.

“That was a very positive meeting in London, and now I will spend the next six months systematically gathering the necessary investors. It’s an expensive project, because we’ll both build the track and pay a license to Liberty.”

The news comes at a time where new owners Liberty Media has expressed an interest at expanding the number of races to 25 per season. The American company has both New York and Los Angeles in their sights, alongside a long rumoured return to Las Vegas.

Carey has met already this year with President Erdogan of Turkey, while Portugal has also recently expressed an interest at hosting a grand prix. Both ‘European’ time zone countries having hosted races in the past.