Romain Grosjean has slammed Formula One’s proposed rule changes in 2017, claiming he doesn’t see how they will make the cars look nicer.

During crunch talks before the first test in Barcelona team representatives, the FIA and FOM met to discuss how the rules can be changed in 2017 to make Formula One cars go up to three seconds a lap faster.

As part of the proposed rule changes cars will increase in overall width from 1800mm to 2000mm, the front wing width will be increased from 1650mm to 1800mm, the rear wing will be reduced in overall height by 150mm, down from 950mm to 800mm, whilst the width is increased from 750mm to 950mm whilst the weight of the cars will increase by 20kg.

These are just a few of the changes that Grosjean wishes the drivers had been further consulted on before a decision was made.

“I have seen the rules for 2017, I’ve seen the pictures of what the cars should look like,” Grosjean told

“I’m struggling to understand how they’re sexier, especially with such a rear wing, then the front wing… 20kg heavier, it’s a bit dodgy.

“I’d like it if we were consulted more. Generally, all drivers say ‘we’d like to be consulted more, we have ideas, give us a call’.”

Asked about the extent to which drivers’ concerns are taken on board, he added: “We’re listened to, but we always need to push to move forward.

“I know that in the circuits’ commission, we had a driver spokesman, I was that person for a while and the people there really listened to us, they were super-interested in our comments on kerbs, safety, all those things.

“But it’s true that nowadays, when important decisions are made, we’d like to have our say, to say what we think.”

One of the most controversial and fan dividing changes to come out of the meeting was the proposed changes to the current qualifying format, as early as this season we could see the new qualifying format but Grosjean doesn’t think the change will have much impact on the way teams approach qualifying unless extra tyres are supplied.

“The only consequence is that all the teams will hit the track early in the qualifying to get a laptime and go back to the pits to wait because we don’t have more tyres than before, so we’re not going to run more than before,” said the Haas driver.

“The tyres can do one lap and that’s it, we know that. With a drying track or difficult conditions, this could change and spring surprises.

“If the idea is for cars to run more, we’ll need more tyres in qualifying. As you need to get a laptime in the first five minutes, and the worst laptime gets eliminated every 90 seconds, the laptimes will be done in the first three minutes.

“Except if you use a new tyre for another run at the end, but what does that mean for Q2?”