Red Bull has unveiled the livery it will be running on its 2023 Formula 1 car at this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix designed by a fan.

As part of the Make Your Mark competition set up by Red Bull ahead of the season, the team will sport a different look to their traditional colours at three grand prix’s this year.

The Miami livery will be the first of three one-off colour schemes Red Bull will race in 2023, with all of them being run at the American races in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

The winning design came from Martina Andriano, a graphic design student from Argentina, that features pink, blue and purple lines across the sidepods, nose and front wing.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner headed the judging panel that picked her design, which drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will be running over the Miami GP weekend.

“The Make Your Mark initiative is great, to give our fans the opportunity to influence our design at the three USA races is something you just don’t see other teams doing,” said Horner.

“It’s important to the Team to be able to involve our fans in what we do and give them unique opportunities like this. I think Martina, has done a great job and the livery looks incredible when you see it in real life.

“The design keeps the ethos of who we are but introduces Miami to the RB19 as well. We are definitely going to stand out when you see that car on track.

“I’m intrigued to see what people come up with for Austin and of course Las Vegas, that promises to be really exciting.”

Adriano has been flown out to see her design in person and will follow the action with Red Bull over the race weekend.

“The moment when I found out I’d won I was shocked and speechless, I couldn’t believe it – it feels like a crazy dream,” she said.

“The first thing I thought about when I started my design was how the air flows through and over the car, then how it moves and how fast it is and that is where my inspiration came from.

“Then, of course I wanted to represent Miami and Miami’s race so all of that was the inspiration. Since I started studying my degree in graphic design I wanted to design something for a car, like a livery, a suit or a helmet, and even before that I knew that one day I wanted to work in Formula One so getting this opportunity from Oracle Red Bull Racing is something huge.

“This is going to be my first ever race, the car is going to have my design and I’m going to be in the garage. It’s going to be an amazing week.”