George Russell has called for “conversations” to take place about the current generation of Formula 1 cars, believing the bouncing cannot be sustainable until the next regulation change.

This year’s rules revamp has exposed a major flaw in the 2022 car designs where they suffer with porpoising along the straights.

Some teams have been plagued more than others by the bouncing since the new cars broke cover in pre-season testing, which has seen many take drastic measures to get around the problem.

In Friday’s opening two practices sessions at this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix, several drivers were shown bouncing along Baku’s main straight, with Russell’s Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton complaining of feeling “sore”.

The current technical regulations are due to remain in place until 2026, but Russell stressed that this is something that must be addressed sooner rather than later.

“There was a little bit of it [porpoising] but it’s just that the cars are running so close to the ground,” Russell said.

“It’s crazy out there through those high-speed corners, the car’s fully bottoming out. I think it’s the same for everybody and it’s really not comfortable to drive.

“I don’t know what the future holds for this era of cars, but I can’t see us being able to, or I don’t think it’s right to run like this for the next four years or whatever we’ve got.

“So it’s going to be, for all of us, conversations are going to be needed as everybody is in the same boat, really.”

Russell finished FP2 in seventh place, 1.3 seconds off Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari who topped the session, while Hamilton languished down in P12.

Haas driver Mick Schumacher was another driver who’s running was hampered by severe bouncing after it caused his car to suffer a water leak that saw him miss most of the opening practice session.