Sergio Perez says Red Bull’s 2021 Formula 1 car has “good potential” after completing his maiden run in the RB16B at Silverstone.

Perez got his first taste of the team’s new challenger lapping the Silverstone circuit during a filming day on Wednesday, a day after he drove the 2019 RB15.

The Mexican, who has made the switch from Racing Point, spoke about his first impressions of the car saying the grip levels were apparent from the outset.

“I can see the potential,” Perez said after the test. “I was extremely pleased to come from the RB15 and already have a reference of how a Red Bull car feels.

“So jumping into my car, the car that I am going to be driving this year, it’s incredible. I can just feel a step in overall grip at all speeds. I could already feel that. I haven’t done a lot but I can already see that the car has good potential.”

Perez’s team-mate Max Verstappen also racked up milage in the RB16B, saying  it was noticeable there were some differences compared to last year’s car.

“Of course, there are differences,” Verstappen said. “I mean, already the big change is of course the floor, they cut it a lot on the rear. So the car is always going to behave a bit differently.

“But it’s not about setup work or whatever. It’s just about getting comfortable the car, and get a basic understanding of the car. And then all the work has to be done anyway in Bahrain.”

Perez expects to take up to five races to feel fully comfortable in the car given the fewer days of testing drivers will have in pre-season this year.

“It takes a lot of time to be 100% comfortable and I expect myself to be doing changes in the first five races of getting very comfortable with the car,” he said. “But I have to say that we’ve done a lot of progress on that. We’ve changed the seat. We have adjusted the belts.

“Every time we were doing something different. So that’s the priority, to get me comfortable with it, so when we go to Bahrain we are ready to kick some ass.”