McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes Formula 1 drivers and teams should just learn to “accept” the current rules because it’s what they pushed to enforce.

The controversy surrounding Sebastian Vettel’s penalty in Canada and the review of Max Verstappen’s overtake on Charles Leclerc in Austria has prompted an outcry to alter the regulations to give drivers more freedom on track.

Vettel was particularly vociferous on the topic, insisting he’s not a fan of “passing on these decisions to people somewhere sat in a chair”.

The German feels the drivers are best to judge what’s right and wrong from inside the car, but Seidl has little sympathy given how hard the FIA were pressed to change the rule book to its current guise.

Comparing the backlash towards F1’s current rule book and the push to switch to Pirelli’s 2018-spec tyres, Seidl said, as quoted by ““For me it is a bit like the tyre discussions.

“The rules we have in place are the result of team bosses and drivers asking for these rules. So this is why I think we have to accept we have these rules now. We have to trust the stewards that they make the right decision.”

With the lack of clarification on the anticipated 2021 regulations, Seidl reckons F1’s chiefs should have the final say on the sport’s direction without any interference from teams.

“My opinion, and it is also for the regulations, technical, financial and sporting which are being developed at the moment, it should be a consultative approach that teams get asked for their feedback,” he explained.

“But there should be a strong authority from the FIA and from F1 to go the way that they think is the right one

“We have this unique opportunity in F1 and the FIA at the moment where we have very, very strong and experienced guys that have recent F1 experience, which is unique.

“I think they have never been that strong in the past in terms of their own knowledge – with Ross [Brawn] and [Nikolas] Tombazis – so they know exactly what needs to be done in terms of achieving the objectives which we all agree on.

“We are really in favour that they should pull through now with the direction that they have put in the current proposals of the regulations, because we are convinced this would be the right thing for the sport.”