Charles Leclerc admits he had doubts over Ferrari’s strategy to not run late on in Q1 before he was a surprise casualty in the session.

Leclerc’s fastest laptime was beaten by a series of drivers, including team-mate Sebastian Vettel, in the closing stages as the track rubbered in.

Ferrari felt the Monagasque had already done enough to cement his place in Q2, choosing to leave Leclerc in the pits.

“I asked whether they were sure [we were in], they told me ‘we think we are’,” Leclerc told Sky Sports.

“I said shouldn’t we go and get out again?’ But there was no real answers. I didn’t have any explanations yet in detail. Very difficult one to take.”

Leclerc’s session didn’t run smoothly after he missed his signal into the FIA weighbridge, but although he was forced to be wheeled back by his mechanics for the mandatory checks, he doesn’t believe this factored his Q1 exit.

“Actually we had plenty of time even when we went out of the box to go out again…the weighbridge wasn’t the problem,” he explained.

“We still have the fuel to go again and only change tyres. I need some explanations, I don’t know for now.”

Withstanding potential grid penalties, Leclerc will start from 16th on the grid for Sunday’s race, and feels this leaves him with only one option to go for an aggressive approach.

Asked what result was possible from a lowly grid slot, he replied: “Hopefully rain and then there will be a bit of a lottery. If it’s dry it’s going to be boring. I’ll have to take a lot of risks I think, even risking to crash.

“But in the end that’s the only thing we need to do now – to be extreme in our overtaking because this is a track where it’s basically impossible to overtake.”