Milestones are never too distant from Formula 1 and the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix will be no different this weekend.

However, this milestone is not related to the any of the drivers, teams, circuits or historic events, it’s the sport’s turn to celebrate. 

In the series’ 70th season of competition, the Shanghai International Circuit plays host to the 1000th F1 grand prix.

Yes, 1000. It’s hard to believe the sport has reached this incredible landmark, and also hard to believed how much it has evolved from its humble beginnings.

13 May 1950, the date of the first ever world championship grand prix held at Silverstone, the start of an incredible journey that would be the blueprint for elite level motor racing.

And as the grids grew, the calendar expanded, the competition became more fierce and sport elevated into a global phenomenon.

To celebrate F1 reaching 1000 races, Read Motorsport delves into the archives and takes a trip down memory lane to revisit everyone milestone grand prix that has been held since the inaugural race in 1950.