The 2019 Formula 1 season is barely a month away from kickstarting a new year of competition, excitement and drama.

While the grid has been decided and the teams and drivers are in place, the new machines are being rolled out as we speak in a hectic week of car launches.

Among the usual crop of world champions, race winners, record breakers and hopefuls, are a group of three rookies looking, aiming to be the next superstar in F1.

All three are renowned for unique, god-given talents as they’ve made their way through the junior categories.

Each of them has endured their own personal journey. For two of them, its been relatively plain-sailing but, for one, it’s looked at various points an almost impossible dream.

Here’s Read Motorsport’s guide to the life and careers of this year’s rookie sensations about to join the fast lane and live a lifelong ambition.