Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have downplayed suggestions Red Bull will be as competitive around Singapore as it was in Monaco earlier this season.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit was the class of the field around the Principality back in May, as Ricciardo led every lap from pole position on his way to victory – Red Bull’s first in Monaco since 2012.

Although Red Bull has a respectable record around the Marina Bay street circuit in recent years, both drivers do not foresee a repeat of their Monaco heroics this weekend.

“I feel [Ferrari] have improved since Monaco, I think we’ve improved, but not as much as them,” said Ricciardo.

“Obviously Monaco we had a little bit of room on them but Singapore’s probably not as strong as Monaco for us and then with that I would probably say Ferrari is the favourite going into Singapore but we’ll see. Hopefully it’s close enough.”

Verstappen feels Singapore’s long straights will hamper Red Bull’s chances of challenging for pole position but is more optimistic they can fight Ferrari and Mercedes on race pace alone.

“I think it will never be as good as Monaco was,” Verstappen said. “For sure we will be closer in Singapore a lot of results are possible in the race with Safety Cars, strategy.

“Maybe the pole position is going to be a bit more difficult because they’ve made quite big steps with the engines – I’m expecting [this] also in Singapore, there are still quite a few straights where they can make a difference.

“But if we can be within three or four tenths that will be good.”