Formula 1’s independent tyre supplier Pirelli has quashed reports its new seven-tyre range will confuse fans, despite critics stating it will only make the sport more complicated to understand.

Pirelli unveiled two new dry-weather compounds to add to its ever-growing range at the end of last year, with a pink walled hyper-soft tyre and a blue walled super-hard tyre expanding the number of dry compound tyres to seven.

Despite complaints it will make races harder to follow, Pirelli’s sporting director Mario Isola insists the increased tyre range will not confuse fans but ‘spice up’ the racing with more flexibility on strategy and more pitstops.

“There are still three compounds at each event, so no changes compared to last year,” Isola said.

“More colours, yes. [But] spectators are not so stupid not to understand three colours at each event.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

“I know that there were some criticisms around this choice to increase the number of compounds. I believe that with the additional compounds we have more flexibility and the opportunity to make a better selection in order to have the all the three compounds suitable for the trace.”

“The target is to have a bit more degradation to try to target two [pit] stops and different strategies.”

It was suggested that Pirelli should rename each of the selected tyre compounds for each grand prix soft, medium and hard. Isola revealed this was taken into consideration but was rejected.

“We discussed that internally and we came to the conclusion that we are not giving the right message because it looks like we are using the same compound for each event,” he added.

“We want to explain to the spectators that in Monaco you need softer compounds and in Silverstone you need a harder compounds.”