Dan Istitene/Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton - 8.5

Even champions make mistakes. On paper, to finish off the podium in a weekend where he easily had the pace to score pole and the victory is a disappointment. And yet, with the title already in the bag, his uncharacteristic mistake in Q1 was little more than a gift to the fans.

A gift because it laid the foundations for one of the finest recovery drives of modern times. Emboldened by fresh power unit components and a free tyre choice, Hamilton was a dynamic, born-again kart racer and would finish just 5.5 seconds off the win. If anything, it showed just how subdued Lewis’ salvage effort had been in Mexico. Vettel might have gone from pits-to-podium in 2012, but that was a more attritional race and in much less aero-limited cars.