Cal Crutchlow believes Jorge Lorenzo should accept more blame than him for the pair’s collision in first MotoGP practice for the Japanese Grand Prix.

With five minutes left on the clock in the opening session at a soaked Motegi, Crutchlow was on a flying lap when he came across a touring Lorenzo into the Vcorner at Turn 9.

The British rider lost the rear end of his LCR Honda has he braked and slammed into the side of Lorenzo.

While sorry for the incident, Crutchlow – who ended Friday’s running ninth overall – felt he was forced to brake more because Lorenzo was riding too slow, and this resulted in the spectacular smash.

“I’m sorry for him because I hit him, and it looks like I’m completely the villain,” the Briton told

“But he was going really slow on the racing line.

“I was going really fast, and if you look at the rider ahead of him (Tech3’s Kohta Nozane), he brakes later than me.

“But I had to brake harder because I was going to hit Jorge.

“I locked the front on the water. He knew I was coming, and he was six seconds slower than his previous lap.

“I crashed into him, so it doesn’t look good for me. We’re not going to agree on the situation, for sure.

“I didn’t want to take him out, and it was a big crash. I think it was 50/50, more 60/40 in his favour.”

Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images Sport

Lorenzo took a trip to the medical centre to have his hand looked at, which he thought he may have broken after experiencing extreme pain shortly after the incident.

Cleared of any injury, Lorenzo returned to action in the afternoon to end the day fourth fastest.

The Spaniard admitted Crutchlow came to see him afterwards to apologise after the pair had a heated exchange in the gravel, though the LCR rider insists no apology was offered on his part.

“I don’t think we are going to agree on the incident,” he added.

“The main thing is we’re both OK. I’ve been to see him to make sure he’s OK, and that’s it.”