The GP2 Series will continue to use its current model of the car until the end of the 2017 season, with the new car expected to be in use for the 2018 campaign.

The Dallara model car, which was expected to retire at the end of the current season, will be kept for an additional year due to financial reasons.

Bruno Michel, the series director, said: “We decided that because of the general economic situation, we are going for one more year to do the same thing, to give an extension to the teams for one more year as well.”

With a spare 12 months, teams will be able to renew contracts and sponsorships which are usually affected by the introduction of a new car model.

Photo: Sam Bloxham/GP2 Series Media Service.

Michel also discussed that one of the reasons that the new model was delayed was due to the fact that there aren’t as many drivers trying to get into GP2 and GP3 as there are in other racing series, leading to smaller budgets for teams and drivers.


“After discussing with the teams, it was better not to have to buy two new cars for next year,” Michel added.

It has also been suggested that the delayed introduction of the new model gives time for GP2 to decide whether or not to introduce the much talked about ‘halo structure’ – which is expected to be used in Formula One as of 2017, with tests in Spielberg and Barcelona being completed.

Michel mentioned how the introduction of a ‘halo structure’ would lead to other developments of the cars, including work on the chassis, which could prove to be very costly.

The decision has been supported by some teams, DAMS boss Francois Sicard is one example of someone who is in favour of the delay, describing it as ‘the right decision for the right time.’