Channel 4 have announced via Twitter that they will use ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac as the theme tune to their Formula One coverage.

The outro of the song is synonymous to fans as the tune that was played on the BBC’s coverage of Formula One during their two spells as broadcaster, most recently between 2009 and 2015.

It is the song many know as one of the pieces of music, like Sky Sports’ ‘Just Drive’, that provokes goose bumps in the build-up of the start of a race and a theme tune which easily sticks in the head of a viewer.

Fans may have worried about what theme tune would be used on their coverage of the sport, with the channel having taken over the reins from the BBC for 2016. The use of the iconic song may allow any undecided viewers to support the style of coverage on offer, with the channel ultimately in competition with Sky Sports.

This was one of the many questions still surrounding their coverage, with fans now just waiting on a full line-up to be announced to know who will be discussing the sport with them until 2018 at least.