Red Bull used its twitter handle to unveil the new logo the team will run for the 2016 Formula One season but there is a noticeable absentee.

As you can see this new logo no longer runs with the Infiniti branding we have been so used to, Red Bull lost their title sponsor Infiniti following last season’s dispute with Renault. Possibly more interesting is the lack of Tag Heuer branding on this new logo, Tag Heuer became Red Bull’s title sponsor in December but they appear nowhere on the new logo or their social media profiles. This is bizarre when you look back to how prominent Tag Heuer where on all McLaren team uniform’s, logos and merchandise.

Both Renault and Infiniti are part of the Nissan group which decided to remove its sponsorship from the Red Bull team following the very public criticism heaped upon Renault throughout the 2015 season from Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. Despite their disagreements, Red Bull will still run with Renault power for the 2016 season but this will now be on a customer basis and not a Red Bull/Renault semi-factory partnership which has been the case since 2007.

A season of change and unknowns is ahead for Red Bull Racing.