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MP Motorsport replaces DAMS for 2018 GP3 season

Experienced junior category competitor MP Motorsport is entering GP3 for the 2018 season, replacing DAMS, which is focusing on its continued efforts … Read More

Russell ‘most likely’ racing in F2 in 2018

Mercedes Formula 1 protégé and ART GP3 driver George Russell has said that he is 'most likely' going to graduate into F2 next season after becoming … Read More

Kari given 10-second penalty after Ticktum incident

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Lorandi takes maiden GP3 win, Russell claims title

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Alesi demoted one place in Jerez feature results

Ferrari academy driver Giuliano Alesi has been demoted one place in the final classification after an incident with Alessio Lorandi in GP3's feature … Read More

Fukuzumi heads ART 1-2-3 at Jerez GP3 feature

Honda junior driver Nirei Fukuzumi has claimed his second win of the 2017 GP3 season, heading an ART 1-2-3, at the Jerez feature race. Fukuzumi … Read More