Robert Kubica believes he’s in better physical condition than ever before and can now drive a Formula 1 car ‘without limitations’.

The Pole drove Renault’s 2012 E20 in a test in Valencia earlier in the month, his first time driving an F1 car since a rallying accident in 2011 put a halt on his career.

Kubica told Poland’s Eleven Sports, that’s he in better shape now than when he was competing for victories during his years in F1.

“I had been working a lot on my physical condition,” Kubica said.

“I have never been so fit, even in my ‘golden years’ when I was still competing in F1.

“For example, for the first time in my life, my body weight is lower than in 2008.

“It turned out that [driving an F1 car] is not as scary and remote as it seemed to be.

“I can even admit that an F1 car was one of the easiest machines to drive with my limitations after my accident.

“Now I can sleep better because I know that I can drive a Formula 1 car without any limitations, I can drive quickly and consistently.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images Sport

The 32-year-old said he felt ‘very confident’ been back in the cockpit of an F1 car again.

“One of the best moments was returning to the pits after my first run when I realised that everything was under control and nothing had changed,” he added.

“After the first three laps it seemed that the break had not lasted more than a month.

“It was a shock as I had a lot of question marks after so many years [out of action].

“I felt very confident in the cockpit. I felt at home.”

Kubica is remaining realistic and is urging his excited fans to lower their expectations.

“I know that the imaginations and expectations of fans and motorsport people were boosted after this test but there is no point in getting overexcited,” he said.

“Time will tell. A lot has happened in my life over the past six years, a lot has changed in me.

“I will work to achieve the goal I set for myself and to achieve what I think is within my reach.

“It is too early to say what it is and whether it will happen. I will prepare myself for the highest goals.

“I think that two years ago people gave me quite slim chances to return to driving a Formula 1 car but I came back and did it, I think, in style.”